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Diocesan Executive

President Lurline Jones
Vice-President Karyn Daveson
Secretary Noelle Frazer
Treasurer Jan Jenkins
From Left:  Lurline Jones (Diocesan President), Jan Jenkins (Diocesan Treasurer), Noelle Frazer (Diocesan Secretary) and Karyn Daveson (Diocesan Vice-President)
From Left:
 Lurline Jones (Diocesan President)
 Jan Jenkins (Diocesan Treasurer)
 Noelle Frazer (Diocesan Secretary)
 Karyn Daveson (Diocesan Vice-President)

Department Co-ordinators

Prayer & Spirituality Bronwyn Fryar
Publications Jenny Howie
Social Responsibility Claire Dewar
Overseas and Northern Outreach Erika Gibbons
Lone Members Peggy Rees
Links Peggy Rees
Magazines Distribution Peggy Rees
Historian Nell Hoffmann
Mia Mia, Gazette
Sandra Barnbaum
Chaplain (vacant)
Education and Promotion and Development
    Presently Vacant
* Note: for information on the activities and responsibilities of each department, see the MU website


Australian President: The Revd Canon Libbie Crossman

Branch Presidents

St Paul's Cathedral Noelle Frazer
St Luke's Lurline Jones
All Saints' Lorraine Smith
Keppel Claire Dewar
Caritas Linda Herley
GFS Lyn Reeves

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