What We Do

Faith in Action Unit brings together Prayer & Spirituality which nurtures us in our deepening relationship with God and Social Responsibility which encourages us to deepen our care of the communities in which we live.

Literature, Stationary & giftsPublication Department provides literature, stationery and gifts for the use of members.

Baptism Kit
As You Marry: A New Marriage Kit
Parenting Education Programme - Contact Facilitator: Graham & Bev Jarvis.

Overseas and Northern Outreach facilitates the mission of MU by raising funds for projects. These include the Literacy Programmes, Parent Education, HIV/AIDS Education etc. Funds are provided to help clergy families and members in our Northern Centres (Dioceses of Carpentaria, Northern Territory, New Guinea, North West Australia) to pay travel costs to attend conferences etc.

Caritas and Promotion and Development promotes the Christian faith through the work of MU Australia. Caritas groups provide a welcoming place for those who need friendship.

Education exists to initiate opportunities to inform members and others of the work of MU

Lone members for those who live in remote areas and would like to connect with MU

Links connects us to other parts of Mothers’ Union worldwide

Mia Mia - the MU MagazineMia Mia the national MU magazine with lots of news and ideas


What Can MU Do For You?

Joining MU offers opportunities for:

  • Demonstrating your commitment to Christian Family life
  • Being part of a supportive, loving and purposeful group, enriching the life and care of the parish
  • Becoming involved with projects helping your own community, such as care for elderly
  • Accessing resources for family ministry
  • Connecting with Baptismal families
  • Exploring and developing your own Christian Journey
  • Learning how to share your faith with others
  • Contributing to society’s debate on family issues
  • Becoming part of a global fellowship of members linking people around the world

Annual Events and Activities

Members participate in a number of activities throughout the year:

  • A Quiet Day begins the year's activities usually during Lent, and at the end of the year, MU sponsors a Lay Retreat at The Haven.

  • Lady Day - 25th March at St Paul's Cathedral a Eucharist with a banner parade. Members are presented with their 25th and 50th year Badges and Certificates at this Service.
  • Through the Wave of Prayer, MU members are praying every minute of every day somewhere in the world. In our part of the world it is held in the week of 6th – 10th August. All members take part including Lone Members. This unbroken chain of prayer provides the spiritual foundation for the mission and work of the Mothers' Union.
  • Mary Sumner
    Mary Sumner (our Founder) Day is held on 9th August. This celebration is moved about between the branches and is celebrated with a Eucharist Service and Morning Tea.

  • We have Christmas Cards and Diaries for sale towards the end of the year. During the year various cards, books etc are available to purchase through the Publications Coordinator, Bronwyn Fryar.
  • Members pay an annual subscription at the AGM at the beginning of the year which covers, for example, Branch, State and Mary Sumner House fees, Mia Mia, Prayer Leaflets, contributions to Overseas and Northern Outreach mission funds, and Delegates Fund. Fundraising events for Mission funds occur at Branch and/or Diocesan levels.

Our Branches Meet As Follows:

  • St Paul's Cathedral
    3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm
    President Noelle Frazer
  • St Luke's Wandal
    4th Wednesday of the month at 9:30 am
    President Lurline Jones
  • All Saints' North Rockhampton
    2nd Friday of the month at 9 am
    President Lorraine Smith
  • St James' Keppel
    3rd Thursday of the month at 9:30 am
    President Claire Dewar
  • All Saints' Caritas
    2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:30 pm
    President Linda Herley

MU Members are encouraged to:

  • Know and develop their relationship with Christ
  • Nurture others in the Christian Faith
  • Provide practical action to improve conditions for families