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St Faith's Church of England Girl's School Yeppoon

Opened: 1923 St Faith's School - Church of England School for Girls - Yeppoon 1923-1968
Closed: 1968
Located: Mount Stewart, a 53 acre property in the hills on the outskirts on Yeppoon.
Motto: "In Fide Vade" - "Walk in Faith"
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History of St Faith's Past Pupils Association

The St Faith's Past Pupils Association was established in August 1926 when Miss Hodson was Head Mistress, which caused her great satisfaction. She said that "that body would form an 'excellent link' at that early period in the school's history and those small beginnings would eventually produce 'a movement which should increase in value as time goes by' ". When she uttered those words, she would have had no idea that the PPA and our memories are the only things holding us all together in 2008, and for that matter, since 1968 when the school closed!

Founded by Leslie Lawrie and Phyllis Lucas, it was stressed that the association would be a permanent link with the past. Writing in the first edition of the Echo, the secretary of the Association was particularly appreciative of the decision to publish that magazine with it's potential for forming a bond with the school and it's ability to communicate with it's far-flung former students. The underlying philosophy emphasized that the band of members would give rather than receive. The first act of continuous service and devotion to their old school was the donation of a 'very handsome cup' to be awarded to the senior champion in athletics each Sports Day, where there was always an "Old Buffers" race for the 'old girls'.

When the new chapel was built, the PPA donated a "chapel bell with melodious tone" in 1932.

Fundraising garden party held on 19th April 1952 by the Past Pupil's Assoc to be used for kitchen refurbishment. 40 pounds was raised. As a result of this, new sinks were installed in the kitchens in January 1953.

In 1955 Mrs Alice Clift, foundation friend and then patroness of the PPA, unveiled a brick monument to Bishop Crick, founder of the school, at the entrance. This still stands, albeit a little battered and tattered from the years and vandals, at the entrance to St Faith's Park.

In 1955 the Head, Miss Davis, called a meeting to form an association comprising local parents and other persons interested in the welfare of the school. Thus the Parents' and Friends' Assoc (PFA) was formed, a body which raised 853 pounds for the school to the end of 1959.

The PPA has been active well into the 21st Century, after being roused from lethargy by Mrs Morgan and Irene West in 1995.

In 1995, the PPA raised funds to build a Gazebo in St Faith's Park, in memory of the school. Unfortunately the vandals have been at work again, but we are in the process of repairing and restoring the Gazebo with the help of the Rockhampton Regional Council, to it's former glory.

In recent years, the PPA has become very financial, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of John Mackenzie-Smith, who has donated the proceeds of our 'Gone But Not Forgotten' book, a History of St Faith's CofE School for Girls, to the PPA. This has allowed us in turn, to put aside funds with which to help furnish St Faith's Chapel, to be included in the new Keppel Parish Anglican Church to be build soon at Lammermoor Beach, and this has been a source of great satisfaction to us 'Old Girls'.

The main aim of the PPA these days, is to help run our yearly reunions successfully, to keep as many of us in touch as we can in the coming years, as we all get older and fewer in numbers! Also to record our memorabilia for posterity, to be archived for future generations to examine and browse through to see what their ancestors got up to at St Faith's CofE School for Girls in the years 1923 to 1968, and beyond as 'Old Girls'!

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Contact Information

Office Bearers

Office Bearers of St Faith's Past Pupils,
accompanied by Bishop Godfrey Fryar
Office Bearers of St Faith's Past Pupils, accompanied by Bishop Godfrey Fryar
Name   Phone   
Dot Svendsen (Stumer) 0456 397 443   
Christine Farr (Farr) 0407 356 220   
Elizabeth Rayfield (Haskins) 0439 020 051   
Betty Rixon (Lawless-Pyne) 0419 756 014   

Postal Address:

St Faith's Past Pupils Assoc
218 Schmidt Street
Frenchville Qld 4701

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